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Noun, plural. Singular: Cylon.

A bio-mechanical race of workers developed in a distant part of the galaxy by humans not of terrestrial origin. Forced to work as slaves, the Cylons eventually turned on their creators and nearly destroyed them before a cease fire was called.

The Cylons continued to evolve, and the latest versions are nearly identical to humans and may be able to mate and reproduce with them.

Still angry about their past treatment, the Cylons have once again set out to destroy all humans everywhere.
The Cylons are about to attack, are you prepared to die?
by wichita October 27, 2006
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A robot made by humans that exists as multiple copies and inhabits this planet and all other planets in the universe.
"What the frak! Is that a cylon?"

"Look out! Frak! There are multiple cylons ahead!"

"I'm not a fraking cylon"
by Alibear January 29, 2009
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Cylon is a troublemaker but he is ever Funny he can get any girl he wants but he not a thot like others . cylon is a fresh every day and can get a xariyanna and markayla in love with him
markayla: his a cylon he so fine
by molly brazy( fake) August 30, 2018
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