64 definitions by wes

a. To strengthen ones skills through vigorous daily training. b. An impenetrable coating that blocks out all sales objections.
If Chad had been properly Thompsonized, he would have made the biggest sale of his career.
by Wes November 19, 2003
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v. to completely destroy ones chances of ever engaging in sexual activities with another
Danny completely unnailed that girl when he ran into the bathroom when she said hi.
by Wes September 23, 2003
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familiar term for the male genitals - penis and testicles
'His trousers ripped and his snewins were hanging out'
by Wes February 26, 2005
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a good-sized piece of feces filled with various nuts which came from previous meals
hey seth come here, i just dropped a load of nut brownies
by wes April 12, 2005
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The shaft of a penis. Also another name for a dickhead.
Joe is a real dorkel-hose for going to the prom with a freshman.
by Wes April 21, 2007
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A word to describe the current place you are residing in; usually implemented when departing.
"Yo Tedo, I'm out of this piece. Holla"
by Wes June 20, 2003
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the guy is a pot smoking mushroom popping beer slamming acid dropping chiller
wow the new kid just pulled a guy
by wes March 03, 2005
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