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The best movie of the 80's. A powerful, raw and poetic masterpiece.
-Raging Bull is the greatest movie of the 80's. Don't you agree Arlo?
-No, I am going to say-- Taxi Driver.
But that came out in 1976.
-Oh, then Evil Dead II.
-You're a dumbass.
-I know. I am about to leave for the Korova Milk Bar, chat later. We're talking good horrorshow.
-Peace out bitch.
by Wes December 11, 2004
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Crazy... in hindi aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa
you are paagal...
Tum paagal hai!
by Wes March 11, 2005
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v. to completely destroy ones chances of ever engaging in sexual activities with another
Danny completely unnailed that girl when he ran into the bathroom when she said hi.
by Wes September 23, 2003
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The rare but easily recogniseable odour of the anus area. It is a cheesy, clammy and sweaty smell rather than a smell of faeces.
1. We awoke late on Sunday morning to find the quilt smelled of bumole

2. Gary's nose smelled all bumole after he'd felched Maureen
by Wes February 26, 2005
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familiar term for the male genitals - penis and testicles
'His trousers ripped and his snewins were hanging out'
by Wes February 26, 2005
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to dig up a corpse or remove someone from their grave
the earth may have swallowed the stinking corpse but its about to be exhumed
by Wes March 8, 2005
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