A general badass. His own person, his own opinion, is own world. Stems from "Me, not you." And independant
holy **** that meno is pissed
by Wes April 14, 2004
a term describing the actions of a person as though they were a violent, crazy or crazily-violent retarded individual.
"Damn! He went meno on his ass!"
"Don't go meno!"
by Count Moneybags January 10, 2007
A mexican or latin person who can hardly speak english. Comes from "Me no speaka"
We don't want some menos coming around here stealing our shit.
by Nasty Nate March 22, 2005
A short beaner, mexican citizen, who goes to college in Texas
What Meno? What Meno
by Pene October 14, 2003
Did you go meno on their ass? Whip out the Karen wig?
by HMB July 9, 2021
menos is a stupid attempt at making a spanish word into an english slang term meaning something sucks.
Manton is PWNED! How do you like 'menos' now.
by Scotty Don't "say menos" July 4, 2006
Looks like real timberland Menolo's for women but are just look alikes.(Steve Maddens)
Look @ Jay-z's latest music video.(girl in the black and yellow)