Slang for bitch, used where bitch might be a little too intense, somewhat less offensive and used among friends. An exclamation of pain. Adj.
It's on like Donkey Kong, Biotch!!!

Man, that hurt like a biotch!

What's up biotch
by -Jonny January 9, 2005
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bitch as pronounced by rapper Too Short, the originator.
eastside biotch!
by elkay May 24, 2004
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Slang word for bitch. Makes little kids think they are cool when they say it.
Yo, wus sup biotch.
by YoMommaBeech@ May 29, 2009
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BIOTCH! why you be stealin my biotches! LEGGO MY EGGO BITCH!
by Gigga Bugga Coosh December 6, 2005
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A word that little nine year old kids use.. (instead of bitch).. so they wont get smacked up.
"My mom's a biotch, she won't let me wear my Britney Spears platforms and my glitter tank, Eh!"
by Harley "Princess Pimpin" January 4, 2004
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