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Any of numerous beetles that characteristically have a downward-curving snout and are destructive to nuts, fruits, stems, and roots.
Damn weevils in my apple!
by Dylan January 11, 2005
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A vicious alien species from the Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood, the Weevils' origins (planet, species, etc.) are unknown. The only knowledge acquired is the fact that they, like a lot of other remnants of various extra-terrestrial life and technology gathered by Torchwood, did not come to this planet on any form of ship or teleporter, but were spilled onto this planet from the dimensional rift running directly through Cardiff, Wales, where the Torchwood-3 facility (helmed by Captain Jack Harkness) is stationed to monitor and contain rift activity. Upon a Weevil's arrival, they generally migrate to the sewage systems and keep out of sight. Unfortunately, Weevils are carnivorous and tend to occassionally wander to the surface to prey on innocent victims. The Torchwood team can track the Weevils and subdue them with a patented Anti-Weevil spray before encarcerating them in the containment cells at the central hub. It was later discovered that, originating from the rift, Weevils are highly sensitive to temperal activity and can be used to detect spikes in rift anomolies that can be dangerous if left unattended.
"Let me guess: six feet tall, teeth like a shark, strength like nothing you've ever seen? What you saw was a creature from another world called a Weevil."
-Captain Jack Harkness
by razorglove1428 December 3, 2010
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a sexual practice commonly performed by men with a small penis
i couldn't believe that suzanne didnt laugh as neil was weeviling her!
by dan85 April 3, 2008
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One who consumes cock on a massive and devastating scale. This individual is also characterized by their aggravating and persistent presence, despite continuous efforts to eradicate them.
"dude, why do we have to take your brother to the lake? He's a total dick weevil."
by MrBQ July 1, 2014
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The next Fortnite. This beautiful game is like club penguin but better.
Guys Call me Stupid But I Think Bin Weevils Is The Next Fortnite
by LegitMemeulous May 31, 2018
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A derrogatory term used to refer to one who is like an anal itch that you can't quite get rid of. More directly, it compares an extremely annoying person (usually a pestering co-worker) to a small burrowing insect that has made its home up your ass.

The term itself was most famously coined in a fit of rage by one Mat Noguchi, the notoriously hostile tools developer for Bungie Studios (creators of the Halo video game franchise).
Bill (for the millionth time): "Hey Nick, do you have those reports ready for me yet?"

by Mr. Horsefly April 11, 2006
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Any insect that lives, breathes and eats coochie.
She jumped on my face last night for a mustache ride and I got Poon Weevils in my side burns.
by secf August 7, 2008
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