The second most effective birth control method next to linux.
People who play evershit will never get pussy
by Assholes Inc. August 13, 2003
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Honey did you feed the baby while I was gone the last week?
Oh shit I forgot, I was playing EverQuest the whole time!
by segs May 21, 2003
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Also known as EverCrack because of it's incredibly addictive nature.
Friends don't let friends play EverCrack.
"Man committed to an asylum after paranoia attacks related to a 72-hour game of EverQuest"
by Brewdles April 1, 2003
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A Massive Player to player online game.. utilizing many servers and having as many as several thousand people in one server at any given time. often put down for its out of date graphics, but can be suprisingly addictive if played. a player can do what he wants, but conequences may ensue. average Everquest player is stereotyped as a nerdy loser with nothing better to do that feel up wood elves in the forest, but in reality, just about every type of social class, every race, and every hobbiest, and gamer play this game. its just the majority of these people seem to have no life. ((everquest player for two years.. active duty UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS ))
Everquest is a very addicting and different game than most other people are used to.
by USMC February 16, 2004
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Created by people just as lonely as the people who play it. You play a gnome, elf, fairy or (Imagine this) a man. Your goal is to loose your job, wife, family, money, ability to use muscles (Besides clicking fingers and wrists), and life to this game. Your character collects graphical swords and potions in a never ending quest to obtain level 99 status. If you do, you are transported (in real "life") 10 years into the future, with no idea how the outside world looks, or how the sun looks for that matter.
"Yo Jim! I aint seen you 10 years! Where have you been?"
"Yae Carl, I'ft been defeating dragons and healing the week in Milotaph, a starved colony. I'm a level 96 Demi-God, and I must make haste to the local tavern to buy yet more lotion and energy serum. Good day villager."
"So, I guess you aint on for basketball then?"
by Trevor Anderson January 19, 2005
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1: A subscription Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that immerses the player in a fantasy world of wizards and quad-kiting
2: Also EverCrack, for its addictive nature
3: Also NeverSex do to the stereotypical loser that plays a game with no end to pretend he's a 1337 (leet) monk
4: Also Suck-Journey-of-the-Tool, a way to describe the coming of age (Online) of a total nerd
1: I love playing Everquest so I can pretend to be a lizard man and meet people to help me kill the same thing over and over. "I cast Magic Missile!" "I need more mana!"
2: Jack started playing EverQuest a few months ago. I hear he quit school and started turning tricks at the Blue Oyster to pay his subscription.
3: I went in that guy's room to ask if he had a stapler, and he was jacking it to that EverQuest statue again.
4: John said he found himself playing EverQuest, now he changed his name to Akiro and wears that robe everywhere and talks about LARP; he’s making kool-aid and talking about porting to the Nexus now, so I’d stay the hell away from him.
by Shasta McNasty July 9, 2003
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It's like crack for nerds.
David's addicted to Everquest.
by Joe Jacobs December 15, 2004
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