Maureen is all around an amazing person. She basically combines all the best traits a person could have. First off, she’s unbelievably kind and nice. I guarantee you will not meet anyone sweeter than Maureen. Second, she’s smart. She loves to read more than anything, and is happy to geek out with you about anything. Third, she’s beautiful. Maureen has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen, and the cutest smile of all time. Fourth, she has a super chill personality. Maureen gets along with pretty much everyone, and everyone gets along with her. Fifth, she’s super funny. Maureen can always get me to laugh with her puns, and sometimes even just looking at her can make me laugh with happiness. There are a bunch more things that make Maureen great, but these are my favorites. ❤️
Man, I’m so happy Maureen is my gf.
by Staceysmom63 July 18, 2018
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Maureen is a special girl who will always hold near and dear to my heart from 3 years ago to forever. You’re my super girl you’re my everything and you made life great, one day you will stumble on your name in urban dictionary and see this message from me.

Maureen is a very great girl to love
by Athenam8 January 29, 2020
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Maureen's are beautiful, athletic and funny girls who are amazingly easy to talk to and will understand anything you have to say. They can make you laugh no matter what! They super funny with bright personalities and they are always happy. Maureen's have beautiful blue/gray eyes, and silky dirty blonde hair.
by Swinginbaby February 3, 2014
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girl with an ass like a bulldozer. rockin body, all around gorgeous girl.. she's def a keeper.
did you see that girl?

yeah that was maureen

oh damn look at dat ass
by samhein March 28, 2013
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A beautiful, sarcastic, smart girl. Only rude when you are. Usually happy. Never fuck with her. She'll kick your ass. Likes to be alone. Only has a few close friends, but that's all she needs. Family-orientated.
Dude 1: Damn! I love my girlfriend.
Dude 2: What's her name again?
Dude 1: It's Maureen.
Dude 2: No wonder! lol
by HeeeeeellYeeeah January 7, 2012
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A strong, empowering black women. Large breasts. More personal stories than a library. Voice deeper than the ocean. Comes across as stern but truly a softie at heart. Family is everything to her. We all need a maureen in our lives to keep us on track.
“Who’s that strong, beautiful woman in the back of the church?”

“Well, *sighs* that’s maureen.”
by amyfossilfuel787 April 25, 2019
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Female name usually given to someone Irish or an Irish wanna-be. Most Maureens are smart, stubborn and memorable. A Maureen will leave you exhausted for days. You won't forget your first Maureen, ever.
"Hey dude, you look bad. Must've been with Maureen last night."
by Bostondude April 1, 2008
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