23 definitions by walterc

Jack never goes anywhere without a travel clam in his carry-on.
by walterc February 9, 2015
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At one time in her life Michelle had a tight vagina, but it had long since turned into a a pair of old oyster flaps.
by walterc April 9, 2013
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the vagina
Damn it was looking promising for you last night. Did you get the doughnut?
by walterc February 24, 2015
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A big flabby round broad who's desperate to have sex with anyone. Just find hole and insert.
"Martha is like 400 hunnid pound and horny as hell. That's the way I like it. Sexblob style."
by walterc February 1, 2015
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When you open the buttcrack for sex and find any kind of fresh residue or deposit that hasnt been cleaned out.
"Man I was good to go before I spread the ass cheeks and caught some buttcrack butter. That softened my root real quick."
by walterc February 8, 2015
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A tissue that-is used first to blow your nose, placed on the bedside table, then later re-used to wipe up jizz from jacking off.
I would be very careful where you sit if you go into Tim's room, it's always littered with jizzues.
by walterc February 7, 2015
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when a woman is so smoking that she gets instant access to the precious balls -and anything else she wants--without having to say a word or do anything else.
Dora is so hot, I gave her an all ball access pass as soon as I laid eyes on her.
by walterc February 10, 2015
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