Insincere praise to a person or topic in order to achieve something, usually to further one's own interests.
"Hey Linda, you hair is the best in the world!"
"Quit with the flattery, you won't get far by lying to people"
by SwagBit March 8, 2019
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The act of being overwhelmed by huge masses of people.
I went to insult you, but I flattery
by mojo92 July 18, 2008
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when someone happens upon an un-flushed toilet and haphazardly finds beauty in a left-behind turd
Curtis could not help but express his sincere turd flattery after he hopped upon a perfect brown spiral in the Burger King bathroom
by walterc August 5, 2023
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A term used when exuberant flattery is present through sarcastic means
Of course writing an essay about you is more important than writing an essay regarding a college application, because there are thousands of universities around the world but you are only one. How can you consider this sarcastic flattery, I am shocked!
by jinglemisk December 28, 2016
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An article of clothing worn solely to impress someone on the Internet. It is typically effective, and worn with a degree of pride in one's planning.
Cody: Hey, I'm not getting anyone to talk to on Omegle.
Me: Get some Flattery Donohoe on, it always works for me.
Cody: Yeah, you're rocking some nice Flattery Donohoe
by Horace Dixon January 28, 2011
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Something that although somewhat flattering is a compliment you are not proud of.
Girl 1: Hey, I saw that perv Nick staring at you with his hand in his pants.

Girl 2: That is some pretty low level flattery.
by happilysilent1 June 19, 2015
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The assurance of paid legal fees, payable by cash or money order
“Listen babe, flattery will get you anywhere
by Keith West June 11, 2023
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