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A word originating in Seattle meaning dope, tight or cool
Damn fool, those shoes are filthy

You seen the new jersey design, shit's filthy
by Eveezy September 30, 2005
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"I was just thinking that you can come over and bang one another."

"Yea alright sounds filthy, I'm down."
by Antonio April 14, 2004
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A group of girls that one would generally agree are filthy or dirty in a sexual sense. May not be a negative even though the word implies a negative connotation. Could be a sarcastic way to say that a girl is hot and (you hope) dirty.
yo, did you see those filthies in the BMW?
by JimmyMalaga July 06, 2006
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A word that means cool,fly,phat,or dope.
Usually used when you see something really really cool.
DAMN !!!
Remix'd Evolushun is SOO Filthy !!
by JB? April 04, 2008
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