Upon ejaculating on a woman's breasts or stomach, the gentleman proceeds to whisk the pool of semen with his penis. Best results occur when both the woman and the penis are kept in constant motion to help create smaller and softer curds.
After she received the scrambled egg treatment, she had to take a shower.
by Internet Warlord April 29, 2008
Derogatory term used to describe a person of diminished mental capacity- formerly known as "retarded".
Damn, Frank is so impatient. He got mad when his McDonald's order got screwed up and yelled at the scrambled egg who took his order.
by Frank Klaune March 30, 2005
sexual act wherein the man holds his ejaculate in his his foreskin after orgasm, then begins to urinate and releases it all at once on his partners face.
Last night I gave her a nice scrambled egg.
by instantbreakfast April 30, 2008
When a chick is polishing a dude's knob and he jizzes in her ear, and then he rubs it profusely up and down.
Matt gave Kiera a nasty scrambled egg, and then she shit on his face.
by Shakira Jones March 12, 2006
for one to puke egg like quantites from the mouth from drinking alcoholic beverages!
in other words scrambled egg
by leftie!! March 24, 2009
When you're fucking a girl so hard her ovaries get scrambled.
Vinnie: Yo, I finally banged Gina last night.
Tony: Yeah? How'd it go?
Vinnie: Bro, I was scrambling eggs.
by the_scrambler November 27, 2014
When a female is performing oral on a male's junk, she places a vibrator at full blast in his scrote between his balls. As he aproaches ejaculation she begins to vigorous move the device in a 'scrambling' motion.
"OHHHH man I heard Jessica sucked your dick last night."
"Yes she most certainly did! She even pulled out her rabbit and gave me some Scrambled Eggs right before I came in her mouth!"
by Busaman June 27, 2009