a guy who does not behave like a man.
back of yuh raasclat pussyhole or mi a go bloodclat kill yuh!
by pussyfinder July 25, 2003
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A slang commonly used in Jamaica generally for backstabbers or guys how gets rich and switch. Otherwise, it is an all purpose insult.
eg. That pussyhole did not remember to pick me up last night
by punsy March 28, 2007
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Anthony dug a pussyhole for Morris whose time had come.
by alexanderpapsmear June 16, 2009
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Hole of the Vagina of the female anatomy.
"Jane fingers her pussyhole."
by Spec_Duck May 4, 2006
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the pinkeye, the inner hole of the pussy, the doorway of exctasy, the creampie container, the begining of the end.
I unloaded in her pussyhole...then she sucked my dick.
by Bruzhillious July 30, 2005
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e.g if ur readin dis ur a pussyhole
by KazG January 25, 2009
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a young man who can not resist the temptation of a vagina.
I told Coach not to bone the crazy ass ho Monica, but he did anyway. He's a real pussyholic.
by Cheif November 30, 2004
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