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A term used in English football to describe homosexual patterns of play which are common in european football but are rarely seen (and heavily frowned upon) in the gritty matches of English lower league football. These patterns include 'passing around the back', 'tiki taka', short corners and a sweaty goal
Carlos: why did that guy just hoof the ball up for no reason? he should've played out from the back!
Bob: no that's european gay
by tonypulis08 May 19, 2018

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A term used in football which states that the countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland are genetically superior to other races due to the fact that they are taller, more athletic and better on-field leaders. This can also describe footballers which possess a giant throw-in and a good climb.
Carlos: Look how much smaller the Spanish are compared to the Danish players!
Gunnar: Ikr, Scandinavian Straight!
by tonypulis08 June 16, 2018

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A term used in english football to describe a team which has survived five successive waves from a set-piece but has reached a point of desperation where they will be lucky not to concede a goal. At this stage, positions become irrelevant, no defensive line is held and any part of the body is used to try and block the ball.
Commentator: "Wave after wave is coming at them, it does not look they can cope for much longer. They're drowning!"
by tonypulis08 June 07, 2018

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A Tom is a way of referring to someone who has extreme cases of acne, as well as hairline issues.
James: Have you seen Abdullah recently? He is already balding at 19 and his face is covered with spots.
Jordan: I feel bad for him. He's such a Tom.
by tonypulis08 June 26, 2018

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This term can be used in two ways in lower-league English football:

1. This can be used in a similar way to the phrase european gay but generally used more often when referring to homosexual styles of football associated in regions outside Europe such as South America. If referring to European football this term can be used to make the insult more emphatic.

2. The only insult more emphatic than european gay and in extreme circumstances, the 'no u' following the european gay insult.
Bob: In East Anglia ur what we like to call european gay
Carlos: No u
Bob: U international gay

All the air is sucked out of Carlos's lungs before he fades from existence
by tonypulis08 June 07, 2018

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This is a gift which only a few professional football players have which allows them to throw the ball over impressively long distances into the opposition penalty area. It in some ways similar to a corner as it allows the team to push their tall defenders up into the penalty area to try and score a goal. Giant throwers often come from Scandinavia, giving them the title Scandinavian Straight.
(a throw-in is given)
Carlos: How are you so excited?
Bob: Oh you don't understand, this lad has got an incredible giant throw-in.
by tonypulis08 June 25, 2018

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A term used in english football to describe a feeling of the highest satisfaction possible for a team when they are perfectly in the middle of their league table. At this point a team has no ambitions and no hope to finish into the top positions or to -qualify for european competitions. The team is also safe from being relegated which means that they do not have to take the rest of the season seriously at all as they have absolutely nothing to play for. At this stage the players are seen to 'slack off' as they enjoy the rest of the season by having nothing to play for apart from aiming for draws in their remaining games in order to maintain their midtable status.
James: Look how off the pace this Bournemouth side are. What is going on?
Bob: Who can blame them, they're in midtable heaven!
by tonypulis08 June 25, 2018

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