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A Carlos is someone that is always trying to make you laugh with his unique jokes about literally everything. You can’t avoid smiling when he is around. He is definitely the best person to be in class with, because with him nothing is boring. He has a huge patience, as he stands all the crazy girls he has around. A Carlos is also a very romantic person, as Paris and the Eiffel Tower are one of his favourite things in the world. He is a protective friend, hating when other people hurt his friends. Even though you feel sad or in a bad mood, he will always try to make you laugh, achieving it. His photos are the best, specially when he’s not looking at the camera. If your Carlos does something good, you must give him a “Point for Carlos”, and he will answer it with a “yes”. He is, with no doubt, such an icon. Literally, he’s always the profile picture.
-Look at that group, they’re all cracking up.
-Yeah, there must be a Carlos in it, definitely.
by Macedoniaconpollo September 25, 2020
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to take an unfortunate loss and turn of events.
"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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A man who is quite but very funny once you get to know him. The most loving person and kindest person you'll meet. Usually very good at soccer. Most the time tall and skinny but very handsome. He knows how to treat a woman and his smile can light up a whole room. A Carlos has the most prettiest eyes and usually sensitive but good when it comes to sex and usually has a big dick. His personality is above amazing they are usually loving and caring of others and super cute. Good to bring home to the family and is super smart
damn that guy is such a Carlos

oh my god look Ashley don't you wish you had a Carlos like that
by Ashley345679 June 24, 2017
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The perfect male specimen. He's smart, funny, charming and quite the sexual deviant. Carlos will make your heart song and soar while making your pussy wetter then Niagara Falls. Carlos's sense of character is very keen. Carlos spends most of his life making others happy, forgetting about his own happiness. Carlos will treat the RIGHT woman as if she's the only one to exist. He's very loving and craves the satisfaction of his woman. If you ever find a Carlos, keep him, as there is no other man that can compare.
I fell in love with Carlos, not because of his looks, but because of his heart.
by Legends kill February 09, 2016
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The best guy you'll ever meet. He is kind hearted, dependable, sweet, caring etc. No matter who you are what you look like or what history you have with him he'll always care about you. All though because of his kindness he is taken advantage of and gets hurt. He is everything he is there when you are down to bring you back up. He is always smiling and will try his best to make you smile. He's just an amazing person to have in your life all his friends would agree.
Carlos is the absolute best.
by ZalliWolf101 October 12, 2017
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Carlos is a sporty, bearded type who is always active and likes to look his best. His is very organised, likes to have everything under control and is always there when you need him. Has a very busy social life and loves to flirt and excels at it in multiple languages. However, he's really a closet romantic.
You need a Carlos and his sense of humour on dark days (and why not, on bright ones too).
Friend 1: Is Carlos coming for dinner?

Friend 2: I invited him (again!!!!) but he was already booked
by CateBlanchettS December 09, 2019
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He’s a wonderful guy, who every girl would dream for. i have a carlos hes dreamy and just mine. he will make your heart go crazy, he will also make you want to have sex with his hard dick.
Omg you’re so lucky to have a Carlos!
by It’s a secret honey June 25, 2018
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