A wise man, an intelligent individual who cares for others instead of himself. He fears Allah occasionaly and commits actions whilst making sure it isn't haram. He smells great, he dresses nice. His only downfall is being too nice.

He loves sport, but he prefers football/basketball or hockey. However, he despises cheaters just like everyone else. For exams , thats a different story.
Someone: 'Abdullah is the man you should be , a great influence to help you become a better person. If he respects others while still respecting himself and still respects his family... you should too'
Friend: 'Wow, mashallah. May Allah reward him'
by Crypt0Gh0ul August 14, 2020
A Muslim name which mean Slave of Allah. It is known as the best Muslim name. It is because all MIGHTY Allah swt loves then name the most because it means slave of Allah.
Yayyy Abdullah
by Amazingman326 February 8, 2018
He is smart and super athletic. Plays all sports and video games. He takes care of his family and friends.
by germanyrocks69 July 9, 2014
A guy who is so cool and funny, so good at debating and philosophical talks. When you get closer to him you will find out how nice and cute he actually is. Good hearted but he won't admit that. Having him in your life is a blessing.
Abdullah is such a good friend to have
by Lost ghost April 18, 2021
Abdullah is a very handsome man. He usually has very very fluffy hair, most Abdullah's have very puffy hair. They're very charming and sometimes funny. Girlfriends dating somebody named Abdullah is very lucky.
by cocksocker42069 November 18, 2020
Abdullah is one of the most sweetest guys , he is someone who has a pure heart, a heart full of gold. He cares the most about about his family and friends and he would do anything for the people he loves and to see them happy. He is someone who works very hard for what he wants and what he believes in. DON'T FORGET LOOKS!!!!!
He is such a good looking person, very handsome !

He is a amazing person inside and out, he might not believe he is so attractive but in reality he is VERY attractive and both his looks and personality is amazing . He has a kind heart and care about others, but people should not take advantage of him or get on his bad side because they wont easily get on his good side again . Abdullah is someone who a person can trust with all their heart . Once you fall in love with them you cant fall out, a person falls in love easily with their amazing personality, good sense of humor and soft heart , they will show their true intentions and will always be honest .
Person : "Wow that guy is so handsome"
Person two: yes , that's Abdullah*
by YourstruelyC~ February 13, 2021
Meaning the servant of God in Islam

Also is the name for the quiet sexy guy near the bar.
"Hey Julie, see that guy over there? He must be an Abdullah"
by jimbob0800 July 9, 2009