Means insistent or forceful.
I decided to answer her, now that she was more emphatic.
by XXHolic October 23, 2010
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According to

Definition of EMPHATIC

: uttered with or marked by emphasis <an emphatic refusal>
: tending to express oneself in forceful speech or to take decisive action
: attracting special attention
: constituting or belonging to a set of tense forms in English consisting of the auxiliary do followed by an infinitive without to that are used to facilitate rhetorical inversion or to emphasize something

Adverb for emphatic
The teachers emphatic speech motivated her students to perform better in the class material.

In order for us to gain respect we must be emphatic about our demands and fight for what is right.

They were emphatically removed from the bar after refusing to leave a tip.
by Beta20 February 17, 2012
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A way to help others "hear" your tone while typing or reading. Capitalizations used to help animate your typing and dissuade misunderstandings in text.
TOtally missed your pillow idea. LOVE IT. ;-)

I have new apps on my phone & ALL my contacts to re-add

"TOtally" "LOVE IT" "ALL" = Emphatic Typing
by smashleeca November 11, 2009
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Enhancing the strength of your statement or song by making a fist in the air. It's like bold type for spoken words!
Here comes the big moment in the song, it's time for emphatic fist!
by Best Words January 11, 2013
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