To click, bond, or connect. To work smoothly, and well. This word originated from the idea of being on the same “wavelength” as someone.
Our personalities wave together.

I wave with her, but not with him.
by Hope_7 March 11, 2022
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1)Wave means to follow in some ones footsteps

2)its like being part of some one who is really popular or who a lot of ppl likes "crew" aka there "wave"
1) Yo she badd i wanna join her wave
2) It's Barbie bitch you can join the wave...
by Sharapstar September 4, 2010
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a move; something to do that usually involves women, booze n the goons or any combo of the three
Goon 1: Whats the wave for tonight bigg baby?

Goon 2: Shai n her girls are havin a cookout; madd bitties goin

Goon 1: Oh, we in there mah g.
by juelzwuzzhere April 6, 2010
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a party where mad heads just chill, drink, and smoke.
Boy :Yo, you to that wave tonight?
Friend;Dur, we coming sqauded.
by zadddywis April 24, 2015
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a type of electronic music, also sometimes referred to as “emotional bass” or “emotive bass” (due to these names being able to describe the actual sound a bit better than just “wave”)

there’s a lot of diversity within this genre, each artist has a really distinct sound. by this i mean, you can hear a song and not know who it’s by but you’ll still be able to tell it’s that artist pretty easily if you’re at all familiar with more of their work.

wave is an extremely unique genre. deep, bass-ey sounds. can vary from downtempo to uptempo. very (for lack of a better word) “vibey”. dark and sensual at times , light and upbeat at other times.

it’s more popular in Europe than the US, but the scene is slowly growing over here thanks to labels such as (big ups djedi)

the bigger labels are terrorhythm and wavemob.

it has a really sick aesthetic and if you’re into electronic music at all i’d recommend giving it a shot.

a few artists:

plastician (terrorhythm)
klimeks (wavemob)
djedi (

noah b
fox wedding
barnacle boi

and tons more
i gotta bump some wave on the late night on a car ride home after a concert

cool guy: man why do wave and ketamine go so well together?

very cool guy: idk.. ketamine goes well with any music dude
by icele June 1, 2019
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A state of tranquility, usually but not necessarily triggered by consumption of marijuana, alcohol and other spirits in moderation. A correct wave should not cause sickness or hangover.
"I can't believe i got fired today. I'm so ready to go home so i can catch dat wave!"
by AL K!NG November 23, 2011
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When your mental illness suddenly (temporarily) gets significantly worse.
My therapist told me that I'm going through a wave.

I'm having a wave rn, can I raincheck?
by thedefinitionperson March 19, 2021
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