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harsh, coarse, rough and unrefined, as in film depictions that portray life as it truly is, without false distortions, stylizations, or idealizations. Often, the realism is exaggerated such that the culture or society being portrayed appears more coarse than it really is.
The film "28 Days Later" is a gritty, dirt-under-your-fingernails kind of raw.
by ladysmc May 16, 2007
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A type of realism, usually invoked by films and documentary. Strangely
enough, "gritty realism" is only perceptible to media and film critics and the term is hardly ever used by anyone else. In fact no-one but film and tv critics ever use the term.
Film Critic: " X is a film depicting the gritty realism of life in the New York suburbs"

"the gritty realism of this documentary is in stark contrast to his other work"
by Sodslaw January 11, 2006
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A middle-to-upper class term to describe the living conditions of the majority of the human populace as seen through indie movies.
The film 'x' was a gritty depiction of life on the streets of NY.
by Johnny Blank February 06, 2010
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The overwhelming feeling to destroy an adorable person/thing/animal

if you see or touch something really really cute like a puppy, and have the urge to hurt or kill it

you grit your teeth and say something like "ohhh it's just soo cute!"
Meredith had the gritties today when she saw a kitten. She gritted her teeth and said "ooooh i could just crush its skull"
by kelko October 27, 2010
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Person 1: "I heard you had a heavy night last night..."

Person 2: "Yeah I had like a whole bottle of vodka. Shit got gritty..."
by CookieM0nster September 16, 2013
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The cross between nasty and nice. Dirty, but not to the point of grimy. To be gritty is to be grimy in all the right ways, and classy in the others. Being gritty is good--it's a lifestyle. It's like having a little bit of grimy spice on your otherwise classy life.
George: "What happened to your new Mercedes?!"
Kevin: "I backed it into a stop sign. It looks so grimy now."
George: "But, I mean, it's still such a nice car."
Kevin: "I guess I'm just rockin' that gritty look now."
by BuyOurShirtsPls July 18, 2017
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Describing anything, anyplace OR anyone that is dirty. Slutty. Nasty. Sometimes ugly, and definately Grimey. Or Gross. Usually used to describe females, certain males, and most nightclubs/bars.
"Who the fuck does Mel think she is? She is SUCH a gritty bitch. And we are SOOO not friends anymore!" Diana said, angrily.

"I know... right?!" replied Brianne.

"She's just as gritty as the Pulse on Wednesday Night!" Keri followed.

"I know... right?!" replied Brianne... again.

by Seeing is always believing November 24, 2007
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