something that Jojo Siwa doesn't have
I haven't been to urban dictionary since the last time Jojo Siwa had a hairline.
by sisterslang March 21, 2020
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it's just a hairline on your forhead and it comes in different shapes and sizes
by cheeseburger March 15, 2005
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your hairline is like my best friend: imaginary!!!!!!!

your hairline spells janky in cursive!!!!!!
by Tofunator June 16, 2010
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The line where your hair starts. For some reason, dumbasses like to make fun of people's hairlines when they don't really matter.
Kid: U HaVe a rachet hairline!
Sane person: Why does it matter?
by Racist21 June 1, 2015
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When the corner of your hairline is receding so much so that it looks like a right angle.
Jake: "Oi bruv, are you losing your hair?"

Rhys: "What?!"

Jake: "Yeah bruv. It looks like a right angle in that corner."

Rhys: "You're right my hairline's fucked."
by Glyndwr February 23, 2017
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