Slag word created in Hamilton New Zealand to show a sign of honesty

sort for Honest on our friendship.

said: Hoof

origin: New Zealand
Me : Bro! the other day i found $20 on the ground!

Friend: What?! Hoof?

me: Yea! HOOF!
by KennyNZ June 17, 2013
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The intensity and length of smoking time of the cloud. It gives the decision and committment of the sesh time one will partake in; whether it be short (puff) or long (hoof). The longer the hoof the more thrilling the time will be.
“I’m keen for a mad hoof this sesh.”
“What you guys been upto?” “Just hoofin.”
“Yeah Sheila loves a hoof”
by HOOFDADDY June 14, 2018
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The erection of the lips of a female's vagina. Often associated with camel toe and euphoric sensations in females.
Guy 1: That chicka over there digs me something bad man!

Guy 2: What? How can you tell?

Guy 1: Dude, you can tell she's sporting a major hoof over me!
by Nearchow February 23, 2012
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To floor it in a vehicle. Usually refers to an automatic as it only requires acceleration and no gear stick action.
"When I get to that road in my Range Rover I always hoof it"
by .S. August 12, 2009
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