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Gunnar is a kind guy and quite trustworthy but can be a dumb@ss sometimes and can be quite rude if u piss him off so don't get on his bad side, he knows how to help a girl when they are at there toughest times like if u are his girlfriend u will be the luckiest girl alive he will treat u like a queen and never get mad at u unless u do something really bad, but otherwise he is also an incredible best friend normally very dirty minded and will scare u but he is a great best friend he's a sweet loving guy who loves his friends and his girl❤️
"Hey I met this cute guy and he seems extremely sweet"

"Who gunnar?"

"That's his name Ima remember that name"
by <~3 August 19, 2017
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Gunnar is a super sweet, funny, adorable guy who cares about his friends and his family. He can be serious when he needs to and can always make people laugh. If you have a Gunnar as a boyfriend, don’t let him go.
Girl one: hey who’s your boyfriend?
Girl two: Gunnar.
Girl one: good choice.
by FuzzyHandler August 15, 2019
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A great guy that knows how to treat a girl. He has the best smile and amazing eyes. He likes to joke around and knows how to have a good time. He always knows what to say.
Gunnar is amazing
by Lynn Hannah January 01, 2012
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Sexy, smart, funny and amazing.
A Gunnar is someone who you would never want to lose.
Amazing smile and even better eyes.
Honest and real,
A little geeky, a huge fan of Star Trek.
A best friend, someone who thinks all girls are beautiful
And isn't afraid to tell them
Loves to cuddle and is super Romantic
Someone super easy to fall in love with
If you find a Gunnar never let him go.
Girl 1 "There is this guy in my Math class who's incredable!"

Girl 2 "I bet his is just SUCH a Gunnar! ;)"
by Cazzmazing November 26, 2011
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; good friend, lazy, but athletic, flirty but dedicated, fun to be around, makes random noises, very good singer, sings constantly, drives a BMW, lives for food, drives people insane by messing with personal belongings, and LOVES HOCKEY.
Girl One: Hey Gunnar!

Gunnar: hmm, hmm, hmm...

Girl One: How are you?

Gunnar: "I've got my toes in the water, ass in the sand..."

Girl 1 & 2: ( Bust out laughing) Oh, dear...
by averagegirlNC2013 August 05, 2011
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He is simply the coolest, smartest, hottest guy that ever lived. He's great at everything he does and every girl wants him.
I wish that Gunnar was my bf; I would be happy forever.
by koorboslA August 14, 2008
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