10 definitions by spissatus

achieving a state of inebriation that is pleasant, without becoming drunk, for many hours while in a club or a lounge. Also stated as running a good buzz.
So there we were, chillin on a rooftop downtown yesterday getting lounge drunk and smoking blunts.
by spissatus May 31, 2011
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The condition of being extremely horny and wanting to do a girl in her vagina. As opposed to Stink Eye, which is also being very horny but wanting to do a girl in the pooper.
Jeff hadn't gotten any action for months. So when he saw this hot girl across the room, he got a severe case of pink eye.
by spissatus December 02, 2013
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Successfully achieving sexual relations with members of one's own academic class.
Have you heard Billy has slept with his 10th girl in our med school class?

Yeah man, Billy's really getting some Class Action.
by spissatus November 23, 2009
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The sexual experience in which a person performing fellation on another receives a face full of hair from the fellated person's hairy fat belly, aka spare tire.
Jenny was blowing this fat eastern European guy last night. She woke up today with all his body hair stuck to her makeup. But she says she's got a thing for hairy tires.
by spissatus February 16, 2019
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a skank who likes have sex with virgin males.
you see that girl? She's been the first bang for every dude in the school. She's a Huffy.

Yeah dude, she's totally a popular first bicycle for young boys.
by spissatus June 05, 2009
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To have sex with a girl by finishing inside, then immediately falling asleep. As opposed to Hit It and Quit It or Toot It & Boot It.
Dude I was so tired from patying last night, I just went to Ashley's place and Left It and Slept It.
by spissatus August 30, 2010
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The popular term for Donald Trump. Because dickhead is too vulgar, Glans is more elegant.
The Christmas 2018 government shutdown was the doing of President Glans.
by spissatus December 29, 2018
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