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When a boy or a girl has a one night stand. To hit it and quit it. Freaky people who usually sex alot of different people.
Jay Smoove "man bro.. hp... she fine... did you Toot It & Boot It bro?"

Baby Woota 3rd "yup bro I had too now she pregnant and shit!!"
by Kanaree Ladiie Banks August 26, 2009
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When a girl dances, flirts, or gives a guy attention at a club to get him to buy her a drink. After she gets a drink for her and maybe her friends, she makes an excuse (usually the bathroom) and ditches him.
i met him at the club
then i said wassup
i took him to the bar
and you know i toot it & boot it...
and i made him feel stupid.
by 626er August 31, 2010
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finding a girl and before going down on her stick their nose in there vagina and sneezing then get up and leave and laugh later about how funny it was when you sneezed in her vagina
i toot it & boot it the fuck out of her it was sooooo funny
by stone head 420 February 20, 2011
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To snort illegal substances such as: cocaine,oxycotton, or pcp. Then to sell it to people. The (toot) is the drugs you snort, the (boot) is when you export it.
Posh: Aye man, are you gunna start sellin that coke yet? Or just keep it all to yourself?

HellBoy: Nah man, relax im just gunna toot it to see how it is, if its A-1 ill boot it.

Toot it & Boot it!
by POSHeries February 06, 2011
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