a bulge of fat around the waist
I've gotta get rid of this spare tire.
by The Return of Light Joker September 29, 2008
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In a group of five friends, the fifth friend can be considered a spare tire.
The spare tire is there to replace one of the other friends if they should become absent. The fifth friend is usually the least liked, and is only enjoyed by the others when their numbers start to shrink.

The spare tire is easily replaceable and cannot do anything against the group or risk being replaced. The spare is also subject to harsh criticism by the four.
As Jimmy was sick that day, Daniel the Spare Tire, would get to take his place
by Smashed Marx October 3, 2017
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the flab around the stomach that can stick out over a women's jeans. obtained by overeating, not excercising enough, or drinking too much beer.

HOWEVER... can be kindof cute on the right woman
small spare tires are sexy, whereas BIG-RIG truck tires aren't
by Cowboyssuck July 2, 2010
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In hold'em poker, a starting hand of Jack/Four. As in, "What's a Jack for?"

I had the spare tire hand in the big blind and was pleased when the flop came out A 4 4.
by Jacaranda May 13, 2008
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The huge roll of fat that often times drapes off of a woman's frame because she is so fucking fat and/or drinks to much beer/eats too much pizza, tacos, enchiladas, pasta, or cake. It can be best seen on college girls wearing tight shirts which they intend on showing off their "hot bod," but actually end up showing some nasty flab going about the entire circumfrence of their mid section, or at this point more like mid country they can be so large .....
"Whenever Kara sits in a bathing suit she covers her stomach because she doesnt want guys to see that she actually has a humongous spare tire."
by Helayne January 30, 2006
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The exsessice flab around a male waist

"mine's bigger" "what" my spare tire
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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the girl you are talking to for no other reason than in case all your other ho-contacts suddenly turn cold on you. the spare tire in this case would be installed and ready to satisfy your sexual desires
Greg: Man, why you talkin' to Juanita? She's fuckin nasty!
Harold: She's my spare tire, you know, just in case...
by OPPuknoMe May 3, 2007
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