A rectangular strip of pubic hair typically extending from the top of the pussy toward the navel. Widths may vary, as a micro or thin landing strip is typically 1/4" to a 1/2" wide, whereas a wide landing strip may be as much as 2" wide, often coinciding with the width of the thigh gap. The sides are always trimmed off straight and the hair length is keep short but not shaved. A man whose specialty is getting his woman up onto the Big O Plateau quickly and has the stamina for hours long subsequent Australian kissing, is typically picky about having a well-manicured landing strip. It is called a landing strip by men and aussie plateauers because it is indicative of the aussie kissers tongue coming in for a landing, much like an airplane touching down on the tarmac.
Since my new girlfriend enjoys australian kissing so much, I bought a nice new bikini line trimmer to help trim her bush down to be more like the landing strip which was much nicer, neater, and more presentable, so I could get her up onto the big O plateau quickly without getting loose hairs in my mouth.
by TallandThick November 12, 2013
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nicely trimmed pubic hair above the woman's pussy, that is just one strait line, nothing else.
he licked my tummy all the way down to my landing strip, and then ate my pussy all night long......
by maniak killette April 2, 2004
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Genital hair trimmed in a neat, narrow, long strip
She has a cute little landing strip.
by Robert Morrison September 22, 2003
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(female) cultivated pubic hair pattern where the hair on the inside of the thighs is removed, any hair near the arse (or for that matter, behind the back corner of the vagina) is removed, and hair between the leg-belly crease is removed on the abdomen leaving only a groomed rectangle running from the mid-tummy to the upper edge of the vulva; as if pointing towards her pussy, 'guiding' one towards the honey pot region

(male) quarter-inch-wide beard running the centre-line from the bottom of the lower lip to the bottom of the chin
(female): he:"Did she have a landing strip, triangle, Brazilian or was she just unkept?"

(male): she: "I came down hard on his landing strip during oral sex last night"
by Jake February 23, 2004
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#1 A runway for an aircraft, usually for smaller aircarft, and commonly made out of dirt, or grass, and without normal airport facilities. Eg: Terminal, taxieway, tarmac, hangers.

#2 A neatly shaved line just above the vagina. A landing strip points toward the pussy.
Random pilot #1 - Hey, we're running low on fuel, we should land at that landing strip.

Random pilot #2 - Yea, I guess you're right, bring 'er down.

I licked all around her, then started to follow the landing strip to her pussy.
by Minority July 24, 2006
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The pubic hair above the vagina, neatly and precisely trimmed.
I hit that landing strip and it wasn't any bigger than Hitler's moustache.
by Guillermo August 25, 2003
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A female with cultivated pubic hair such that all that is seen is a nice, groomed line, pointing towards her pussy, 'guiding' one towards the region as stated above.
"Did she have a triangle, landing strip, Brazilian or was she just unkept?"
by Diego August 12, 2003
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