if you are a baker, you LOVE to smoke weed. you are pretty much high or confused 24/7, but somehow manage to keep on living.
wow that kid is such a baker.
by junksauce February 14, 2008
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This describes someone who makes bread (a.k.a money)
Ex. I’m tryna be a CEO so I can be a baker.

Ex. I can’t hang out today I gotta go to work and bake.
by Moose Uh June 23, 2019
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Someone that always smokes weed. A stoner gets stoned just like a baker gets baked.
That kid always smokes weed, what a baker!
by J-MAN3245 May 11, 2010
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1. Its when someone goes all bi polar on you, loving you one day then freaking out on you the next. Mind games, casual sex and drama all included for free.

2. When you hook a girl, make out with her in her hotel parking lot but you can't sink her so you do away with her.
1. I dumped him cause he was a total Baker waiting to happen!

2. Totally pulled a Baker on her last week!
by cheemjoeknee December 03, 2011
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