Juanita is a beautiful girl. Who stands up for her friends. Helps others. And isn't afraid to talk back to mean people. She has a very kind heart. And will do anything to stop you from hurting her friends.
Man I wish I could be like Juanita
by itsherbestiefar February 15, 2019
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The most beautiful and thoughtful woman ever, she is stunning when she walks by and makes all the boys jealous of who she’s dateing.
by Unknown 729372929 June 27, 2018
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Beautiful ass girl. Always there for her friends even when she knows her friends are wrong. Completely loyal and always will love those close to her. Extremely talkative and funny. However, She is really stubborn and always thinks She’s right when she isn’t BUT don’t mess with her, she is too valuable to lose.
Are you a Juanita? You’re sooo funny 😂
by Saucy.gurl October 16, 2019
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She has seen the monster within a man but she lives without fear.
She is the Phoenix, she burns with a fire in her soul but arises from the ashes with the magic of a wish.

She teaches you to accept yourself and your flaws, as she has.
She inspires you to fight on through the darkness, as she has.

She believes in the magic of a wish on the full moon.
To have Juanita as a friend is to be blessed, I am so blessed.
I am not a cannibal I only eat Jaun.

Ohhh you mean you're Jaun-eater.
Yes Juanita.
by MiissSass April 22, 2017
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A stunningly attractive, sexy and intelligent woman.
Oh my god! Did an angel fall from heaven? You're so smart and gorgeous and I really want to screw you right now! You MUST be a "Juanita"....
by Astradae August 11, 2008
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Sexy, Freak, unpredictable, intelligent, great in bed, loves to be adventurous and willing to try anything once. Opinionated and loves having the last word. When shes wrong...she's still right. Loves hard and long, Hates hard & long. There is no median. Competitive, cunning, a very smart business woman.
To be a Juanita, takes practice.
To know and love a Juanita, is absolutely self gratifying.
To have had sexual relations with a Juanita ..IS PRICELESS!!
by Only4ureyes February 3, 2010
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a beautiful,thoughtful,nurturing woman whose eyes are the most lovely i've seen.
Juanita is cute
by speedysammich February 3, 2010
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