when a cat is laying down with no legs out; bonus points if the tail is tucked in
by shamonay June 12, 2022
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Someone who knowingly takes too long to do something.
"Wow Rob, hurry up you loaf"
by Clearly Me September 24, 2009
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Short for "Loaf of Bread", which is Cockney rhyming slang for "Head".
Loaf of bread? Head..See?
"Use your loaf!" Translates as: Think about it!" "Use your head!" "Don't be stupid!"
by Agent Smith May 24, 2003
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The term 'loaf' refers to someone's hairstyle that appears to have the same shape as a rising loaf of bread pouring out the top of a baking tin.
look at John's hair it's a total loaf.
by Scottish edgit April 26, 2018
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1. piece of shit.
2. an unusually large peice of shit.
popular: "man, i gotta go bake a loaf"
by Sir Spunk January 20, 2003
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