76 definitions by spanky

busted, it's two o damn clock in the morning where you been?
baby didn't you get my two-way, i was with my girl friends.
an awesome isley brothers song
by spanky December 18, 2003
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another word used for lesbian; carpet muncher; dyke female that does not like penis
Sara and Catherine are flat cockers
by SpAnKy December 07, 2003
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A shrub
Two dipshit U.S. presidents
George H.W. Bush - a real fuck up
"Dubya" - the worst fuck up of all.
Bush family - should all burn in hell.
by Spanky November 01, 2003
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Fresh and Delicious!!!
hey girl you lookin frelicious tonight...
by Spanky September 28, 2003
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anything wicked cool or heavily under the influence of mind altering drugs or being reel wiped out.
i am maxed out.

special effects are maxed out.

Woah, that was maxed out.
by spanky May 25, 2003
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a person that uses illegal substances e.g pot
oi druggy u got ne blow?
by spanky August 25, 2003
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A punk rock band from Northern California.
I like that new song, "Girlfriend Likes Girls," by Stunt Monkey.
by Spanky July 10, 2003
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