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Cockney slang for "hey". Also a british style of music, named so after the band Cockney Rejects who first used it in their lyrics, although Sham 69 was the first Oi! band. (not correct without an exclamation mark!)
by Skalabam May 06, 2003
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A form of working class or street punk rock music that originated in the East End of London and was initially associated with British football hooligans.
After school, Geoff and the gang liked to unwind by listening to Oi! music by The Business and The Gonads.
by Sandra Lane September 23, 2003
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A Sub-Genre of punk rock catered to skinheads, also taking influence from ska and two-tone. Deriving from the Greek Word "Polloi", which means "working people". It is also used in British and Austrailian slang.
1. Do you listen to Oi?
2. Oi Mate, how you doing
3. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Oi Bands: Cocksparrer, The Templars, The Press, Sham 69, Blitz, Cockney Rejects, Argy Bargy, Thw Bruisers, The Partisans, Klasse Kriminale, Last Resort, The Business, ETC.
by Scotty Shank September 04, 2005
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1.A style of punk rock used by crust and street punks and skinheads. it is loud, fast, abnoxious(to non-listeners), and offensive.
2. the british way of saying hey
3. a way of communication for street punks and skinheads.
1. there is an awsome OI! band playin' tonite.

2. oi mate!

3. OI!OI!OI!
by johnny noxious June 04, 2005
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oi! is the cockney for "hey" that later, in the middle 80's, became the name of the music performed by street punk bands like COCKNEY REJECTS, in fact the name of the movement and music came from their song oi!oi!oi!
cos we're running on the backstreets
with our martins on our feet
by juncopartner December 11, 2003
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English slang for "hey"
also a type of music that attracts mostly street punks and skinheads
Hey did you here that new oi band called the cockney rejects?
(kids walks by another kid)kid 1:oi kid 2: oi
by ian May 06, 2003
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