Nose exhale. A replacement of "LOL" because most people don't actually laugh out loud when they see something funny online, they exhale from there nose.
John: Hey, if anyone tells you to spell "Part A" backwards, don't. It's a trap
Bob: LOL!
John: Did you actually laugh out loud, though?
Bob: ne
John: ne
by AbsurdAsian March 24, 2016
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Japanese expression comparable to Canada's "Eh" and America's "Huh".

Often said by Japanese people: "Soo desu ne..." (Isn't it so?). But appropriated by gaikokujin (foreigners in Japan) for use in everyday English conversations.
Damn. That flight home is expensive, ne?
by tiddlywinks December 14, 2004
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A word made up by people to lazy to type out a three letter word.
n0b0b0b0b: hey ne 1 of u guyz want 2 chat wiv me???///?
by |Sasuke| August 26, 2003
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What a person in Greece says when he doesn't know how to react to something that makes no sense or when he just doesn't have anything to say about a certain topic. It's basically the equivalent of when someone says " bruh ".
Person A: Did you know that if you can get twitch prime for free just by connecting your amazon prime account to your twitch account?
Person B: ne
by xXxPanthomaifan69xXx November 12, 2020
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"look at the ne's on lesa, she must be cold."
by [] October 17, 2006
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