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Nose exhale. A replacement of "LOL" because most people don't actually laugh out loud when they see something funny online, they exhale from there nose.
John: Hey, if anyone tells you to spell "Part A" backwards, don't. It's a trap
Bob: LOL!
John: Did you actually laugh out loud, though?
Bob: ne
John: ne
by AbsurdAsian July 10, 2016
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Japanese expression comparable to Canada's "Eh" and America's "Huh".

Often said by Japanese people: "Soo desu ne..." (Isn't it so?). But appropriated by gaikokujin (foreigners in Japan) for use in everyday English conversations.
Damn. That flight home is expensive, ne?
by tiddlywinks December 14, 2004
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Often used by those of the anime elite, added at the end of a question to seek agreement. The wapanese verson of "eh?"
Chick 1: Nice weather we're having, ne? ^____^
Chick 2: Indeed.

by Baalahah June 09, 2007
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Ne, short for "nose exhale". A phrase used in texting instead of lol or lmao as it is more truthful and infact if you have been on the internet long enough to know what this is you have no life and you stopped laughing out loud about 200 memes ago.
Wow the tumbler meme of phan is so funny
*comments* "Ne"
by Irrelevantmeg November 14, 2016
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We used this back in the 70's to stand for Nipple Erection.
I hate these tennis uniforms. If its at all cold, you can see everyone's n e s.
by oldlady May 05, 2008
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n e means any, as in "any brains?"
any chavs? becomes 'n e chavs', removal of appropriate punctuation such as question marks is common place and even considered necessary.
by loljews August 18, 2006
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