AG or "aggressive"... a thug gay girl that looks and dresses like a guy. a tomboy.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
when your on bliz (meth) and you can’t say all and you keep saying ag instead
“at ag at ag at ag that’s weird I can’t say ag anymore
by totallynotcarrie April 30, 2020
1) Periodic symbol for silver.
2) The sound a woman makes when she attempts to deepthroat a penis that is much too large for her mouth.
by Crackazz Cracka February 7, 2003
Short for agreeable, meaning pleasant, good or satisfying.
Person 1: Oh it's going to be hottest summer ever in Britain this year, so there's going to be lots of opportunities for fun in the sun.

Person 2: Ag.
by JamesP123 April 20, 2010
an abbreviation of Agricultural studies.
Next semester I'm taking Ag
by Bowlie August 31, 2006
Asian gangster

Just like how wg is white gangster, bg is black gangster and og is original gangster
Dude - Wassup Matt my ag!?
Matt - nm man wbu?
by Alexia Jones October 10, 2016
way to express feelings of something being a "bummer".
i have an 8am class. AG.
by SD September 27, 2003