AG or "aggressive"... a thug gay girl that looks and dresses like a guy. a tomboy.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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when your on bliz (meth) and you can’t say all and you keep saying ag instead
“at ag at ag at ag that’s weird I can’t say ag anymore
by totallynotcarrie April 30, 2020
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1) Periodic symbol for silver.
2) The sound a woman makes when she attempts to deepthroat a penis that is much too large for her mouth.
by Crackazz Cracka February 07, 2003
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Short for agreeable, meaning pleasant, good or satisfying.
Person 1: Oh it's going to be hottest summer ever in Britain this year, so there's going to be lots of opportunities for fun in the sun.

Person 2: Ag.
by JamesP123 April 20, 2010
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Asian gangster

Just like how wg is white gangster, bg is black gangster and og is original gangster
Dude - Wassup Matt my ag!?
Matt - nm man wbu?
by Alexia Jones October 10, 2016
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way to express feelings of something being a "bummer".
i have an 8am class. AG.
by SD September 26, 2003
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