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A guy who can give himself oral sex
"Damn, I heard Ron Jeremy can suck his own dick!"
"What? How can the greatest male pornstar ever be a hedgehog?!?"
by Spanky January 08, 2005
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it pretty much means any word that starts with H. most likely hook.
that shit is off the heezie fo sheezy my neezy, my nose is itchy i gotta sneezy
by Spanky February 13, 2004
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Something you say to alert others that you are about to go smoke a J.
Hey boys, It's time for another joint subcommittee meeting
by Spanky July 16, 2003
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to beat someone up. usually combined with taking the subject out back.
Scott wouldnt pay his tab, so we took him out back and gave him the business
by Spanky July 10, 2003
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It means you're gay.

Standard P45rant answer to all of lifes questions.
by Spanky June 11, 2004
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something indians say, to indicate they have played a joke on you, whether or not you were fooled. most likely, you weren't fooled and you are explaining to them why they are so stupid.
also may be used with BLENG
indian: hey fok, yer shoes untied!
me: well, no acutally they aren't untied. I am ACTUALLY wearing sandles, which are simply slip-on and have no need to be..
indian: JARD!!!!!
by Spanky July 10, 2003
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