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Insecurity card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the act of bringing the issue of insecurity into a debate or argument. Women are notorious for accusing their husbands/boyfriends of being insecure for almost anything and everything (even if it's not true).
Bob: Hey Mike, I saw you leave your house last night. What happened?

Mike: I got into a fight with that biatch again. She pulled out the insecurity card like always.
by silentthread April 5, 2011
A churron is what you call a pony tail where extreme curly hair is present. Hence, it looks like a churro.
Luis let his curly hair grow out. Then he put that in a pony tail. He's got a churron.
by silentthread July 5, 2019
Bob: Jane how was your trip to the gynecologist?

Jane: It was alright, he did a daddy nikolai and took some blood samples. Other than that, everything else is okay.
by silentthread June 13, 2010
A former husband of Britney Spears.

Kevin Federline is many times confused with Roger Federer(A professional tennis player).
The theory behind this problem is that 2 individuals with similar last names became famous around the same time.

This type of problem has also happened in the past.

The word "Rush" became very popular in the 80's
Rush Limbaugh
Simon RushDie
The return of the hard rock band "Rush"

Other recent events...
Evan Longoria(Baseball)
Eva Longoria(Desperate Housewives)
Bob: Kevin Federline is about to beat Nadal!
Mike: Don't you mean Roger Federer?!
by silentthread September 1, 2010
AKA, A platana.

A woman that has facial features similar to Mindy Cohn, AKA Natalie Green on the 80's show Facts of Life. Bananas tend to be smushy as so do their faces. Plus, they look like they ate an entire tree of bananas.
Hey Bob, you need to check out my new neighbor. She looks like a banana woman. I'll still do her though.
by silentthread April 8, 2009
When a dog bites a male human on the penis. Sometimes, even ripping it off with it's teeth. It does not necessarily need to be a Chinese dog. It is called a Chinese Dog Bite, because several Kung Fu movies from the 1970's had these kinds of scenes. Some folks of S&M fantasize about being tortured like this. Primarily because even though the dog is biting your penis off, they are excited about the fact that something is coming in contact with it. It is considered to be stimulating.
The other day, I was thinking about getting a Chinese Dog Bite, and I quickly got a hard on.
by silentthread December 5, 2008
AKA, the Spanish Hitler. Murdered many families, including children in order to push his politicals views on others. Many mis-informed college students don't read about this, and decide to wear his T-Shirts.
That Che Guevara is a real son-of-a-bitch. He killed my grandparents.
by silentthread August 8, 2009