Something that almost everyone is because of the stupid standards society expects us to live up to
Insecurity: Insecure about being short and fat because society doesn't accept that
by NerdGirl May 10, 2015
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The state you are in when you constantly ask people if they are ok,just because you are not ok yourself.
Everyone went mad because of the insecurity of people they knew.
by SomeoneNew March 7, 2012
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Someone who doesn't have self-confidence, who is full of doubts about himself/herself.
I always tell her how beautiful she is but she won't believe me, she's so insecure.
by Mehdi- May 8, 2014
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a personal character trait that is considered detrimental to mental health, due to its association with stress and anxiety. An insecure person may or may not lack their own self-worth, rather they feel overriding doubt that they can pursue a task to its conclusion without moral support. This may be linked to events in the past that have caused them to lose confidence due to negative feedback or ridicule in social or personal circumstances. These criticisms are usually personal in nature. Insecurity is a trait that often precedes an act but it may disappear during its performance and reappear after its completion, as many artists such as Judy Garland would testify.
I feel so insecure about my voice and appearance before I go on stage but as soon as I am in front of an audience I come alive.
by Keskyle November 1, 2019
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Someone who extremely lacks self confidence. An insecure person, would be introverted. He/She won't know their worth. They would dislike their physical appearance & constantly compare themselves to their peers. Never feeling good enough, feeling sorry for themselves, feeling sorry for people who look at them. Insecure people are really kind at heart, they just don't love themselves. Due to the influence of other, be kind. Words do hurt, what you say matters.
I'm too insecure to go outside. I fear being judged based on my appearance.
by Teen101 November 27, 2015
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An insecure person is someone who just feels like they need to compare themselves to others. They think that if they tell themselves that they are good enough that it will come true. What they don't know is that they are already good enough. They will see themselves as less than perfect, and hate themselves for it. If you or a friend is like this, know that you or them are amazing the way they are. If they see it or not.
Yep, that girl is insecure. we sould tell her she is amazing the way she is.
by kimmy insecure January 7, 2020
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When you feel like you're not good enough, you spend hours trying to look your best. You push people away because you're used to being used and people turning their backs. You lie, not about things to seem cool but you lie about being okay. Even if asked repeatedly you still say "youre fine " . people of all ages can suffer with it. And they tend to be the people who are the most caring.
Boy: gosh why she so timid
Girl: she's not timid, she's insecure
by candy floss gal April 19, 2015
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