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Leroy's are one of a kind, they are good friends to and they will always be there for you, once they love you they always will. Leroy's are very talented and they tend to hide their talents. They have big dicks and they know how to make a girl feel good.
Why can't you be like Leroy
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A one man army moment, charging in against all odds because the other players taking the damn thing too seriously.

Usually used in MMORPG's, such as World of Warcraft
"Ok we need a bunch of casters to weaken the guys, we need support troops. Can you do a bit of number crunching here, give as a survval chance?"

"LEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!" <---this is when the one-man charge, or "leroy moment" happens

"OK, he just ran in there... come on, help him!"
by Chris Finlay September 14, 2005
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very moody & can be the biggest jerk who will dog his friends in a heartbeat just to be with a girl.
changes his mind about who he likes every few days and has the ability to ignore someone indefinitely.

BUT he can also be pretty sick and awesome friend and is fun to be with.
" leroy, needs to grow up and stop thinking about his penis"
by jen6333** October 09, 2009
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leroy is the much desired sex god , who has the ability to make everyone want him. the sexiest niggah in your group
1.leroy my sexy brother is something you would call him.

2. everyone: sexy leroy on three
leroy: no no , cameron , zac , NO , no sexy leroy.
by tWIGGGs :D June 09, 2009
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A very beautiful woman. Strong scares all the boys and girls. Very good friend loves to go for walks when she is mad, or when her mom calls her a mistake. Leroy's don't get along with their mothers very well. She dates a lot of guys but a very good girlfriend and she is a very good friend. She is very sporty and tall skinny thinks she is fat but isn't. Blonde and brown hair very long. Calls her best friends babe. You can look in her eyes and want to date her.
There is leroy should we run or go say hi ??
by Hannah Estvanko May 16, 2017
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When your underwear rides up you're vagina.
Man I got a Leroy.

These panties give me a Leroy.
by Lilboo April 29, 2017
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