Leroy is the best person you will ever meet in your life. You never want to lose him. He will never forget about you and you will never forget about him. Leroy says you will forget him but you don't no matter what happened. He is truly the best guy you will ever meet. Leroy will all ways be there for you no matter what. You never want to be on his bad side and if you are he will forgive you in a heartbeat. Leroy will all ways love you more than anything. He is all ways negative about his life and how he is and he really doesn't tell people about his life and his problems. He will all ways be a kind person to you. Leroy never breaks his promises to a girl and never judges a girl on how she looks. If a girl says they are ugly he will say no and tell her she is beautiful in every way possible. If you cheated on him he would probably never date you again and he would never say he hates you. He would just be disappointed in you.
Leroy is pretty prefect in every way
by Julish11 January 6, 2020
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Leroy's are one of a kind, they are good friends to and they will always be there for you, once they love you they always will. Leroy's are very talented and they tend to hide their talents. They have big dicks and they know how to make a girl feel good.
Why can't you be like Leroy
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A Gangbanger with braided or Jheri curled hair
Hey look Kent that Leroy is stealing hubcaps
by Psykrates April 7, 2021
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leroy is the much desired sex god , who has the ability to make everyone want him. the sexiest niggah in your group
1.leroy my sexy brother is something you would call him.

2. everyone: sexy leroy on three
leroy: no no , cameron , zac , NO , no sexy leroy.
by tWIGGGs :D June 9, 2009
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very moody & can be the biggest jerk who will dog his friends in a heartbeat just to be with a girl.
changes his mind about who he likes every few days and has the ability to ignore someone indefinitely.

BUT he can also be pretty sick and awesome friend and is fun to be with.
" leroy, needs to grow up and stop thinking about his penis"
by jen6333** October 10, 2009
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When someone babysits a blunt/joint. This person refuses to pass the blunt to the left-hand side, knowing or unknowing of his actions. This person will sit on the blunt and not pass it along i.e. taking more than two hits of said blunt, sitting and talking with the blunt and not passing it along so others may enjoy. Being a greedy son of a bitch.
Come on man, you have taken like 7 hits stop being a Leroy and pass it on
by Sloppy McGee April 12, 2011
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A nickname given (by his very grateful female partner :)) to any man with a very long and thick penis (from the general perception that black men in general are more "well endowed" than their counterparts from other races).

The name "Leroy" being more common a name amongst African-American males than of any other race.
Emma: "(*sigh!*) OMG! I sorta always had the feeling
that you've got a big dick, but I never dreamed..... OMG!!!
Think we're gonna have to start calling you Leroy from now on mister!" (*sigh!!*)

Rob: "Yesssss.....!"
by Rob's girl July 27, 2006
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