God. If tennis skill was money, Bill Gates and Oprah would be charity cases compared to Roger. You know that feeling when your woman climaxes and is left whimpering in your arms? That's what it feels like to be Roger Federer.
Chuck Norris wears Roger Federer PJ's.
by Lunaman January 22, 2008
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One of the greatest tennis player of all time. Was born in Basel, Switzerland and is currently the only player to have won both the Wimbledon and U.S. Open singles titles in three consecutive years (2004-2006).

The accuracy and spin in his shots are amazing.
"I've won Wimbledon three times and I wish I could play like Roger Federer" - John McEnroe
by MarianneNZ November 10, 2006
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The lord of tennis, truly untouchable when in his best form.
Roger Federer,Just Too good
by Pwnman February 17, 2009
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An excellent tennis player who repeatedly gets his Swiss ass handed to him by Nadal
me: did you see Roger Federer crying like a bitch
your mom: no
me: it was hilarious
your mom: yeah whatever
me: are you even paying attention?
your mom: sorry, i was counting the money on the dresser
me: well, is it all there?
your mom: yeah
me: then what are you waiting for? bend over so i can get my $37 worth
your mom: condom only
me: aw c'mon baby; it's my birthday
your mom: no!
me: aw c'mon
your mom: no!
by mobolaji suleiman February 3, 2009
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Put simply, the God of tennis. You can even see that out on the court he's not even trying, and still walks away with the match. He plays ping pong on the tennis court and will eventually win the French Open.
by whoknows28 April 27, 2007
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1) (noun) Greatest of all time.

2) (verb) To hit an impossibly hard tennis shot with seemingly little effort.

3) (noun) A man who can have any girl he wants but chooses a plain looking chub.

4) (verb) To perform a task without a modicum of emotion.

5) (adj) Robotic
1) Michael Jordan is the Roger Federer of Basketball.

2) Did you see me Roger Federer that ball around the net post?

3) When it comes to choosing women, Tiger Woods is no Roger Federer.

4) Keanu Reaves just Roger Federered his way through yet another movie.

5) Her dancing is uninspired and Roger Federer.
by Alex Hoang December 31, 2007
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