When you take a hit that is so monstrous it would knock Kimbo Slice back on his fat ole jigaboo ass.
Melanie Rios: Damn son that was a monster toke!

The Dude: KIMBO!!!!!!!
by the GT pooper October 5, 2011
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Trey said he wants to get drunk and Kimbo that guy that boned his girl.
by P Willie January 27, 2009
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A Kimbo is a person mainly of Asian or African descent. Is pretty fucking tired of being compared to Kimbo Slice. Usually a nice, charming, complex personality who loves excitement and may come off as weird at times. Has some anger issues. Usually nice if you dont piss him off. Is lazy schoolwise but is pretty hardworking in his interests in life. A hands on learner. If youre friends with one your a lucky bastard, but if youre hated by one thenm you better watch your actions.
Alex: Hey you know who Kimbo is?
Denzel: Yea hes this chill Asian guy I know. Abit annoying though. But funny.
by The Great Emperor CK November 19, 2013
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An attractive but unintelligent or frivolous young woman named Kourtney.
That girl reminds me of Kim Mathers.

What a kimbo!
by Slick Facey July 16, 2020
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An affectionate name for socialite and retired porn actress Kim Kardashian
Kimbo met up with president!
by burntrabbit27 May 31, 2018
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1. To get beat down in a spectacular fashion.
2. To get knocked out in 14 seconds.
3. To get beat badly on national TV by the underdog after you had to get paid extra money to take the fight.
Kimbo Slice was Kimboed by Seth Petruzelli on EliteXC, on CBS
by Asassin169 October 8, 2008
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the act of getting so drunk you are beyond the point of crunk. see slice for full combo.
did you see jeff last night, he was totally kimbo, and then he sliced everywhere.
by weedlybonz420 January 10, 2009
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