Better then a skittle.
Jay: What do you think of Eminems?
Mariah Carey: They taste better then skittles.
by TheCornDealer September 10, 2019
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One of the most legendary and controversial rappers to come out of the 90's. Well known for his songs that involve aggressive, really violent and outrageously misogynistic lyrics, which has garnered him much controversy in the past.

Also one of the few rappers to have won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, won for his song Lose Yourself, from the movie 8 Mile. Despite his prickly exterior, it's also known that Eminem is a doting father to his daughters, he even skipped the Academy Awards show where he won his Oscar, to instead spend time with his kids, at the time where he was announced the winner, he and his daughters had fallen asleep while watching cartoons.
You gotta respect Eminem for how much he loves his kids, he's an awesome dad
by Metallicajunkie October 15, 2018
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The greatest rapper of our time and super hot 💦
by OneFuckingMachete October 3, 2019
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Probably one of the greatest rappers out there. Dosent just rap about bitches and hoes like other rappers, but about his life experiences and the controversy with his music. Despite the controversy he sold millions of records around the world, and no; hes not a wigger, hes not trying to act black, he just raps. Who ever said that only black people could rap?
Guy #1: Eminem is my favourite rapper out there man!
by Xena007 August 30, 2005
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Eminem, also commonly known as Slim Shady, is one awesome, and one crazy ass mo-fo. If you haven't already got an idea of who he is, he's a worldwide phenomenon thanks to his large amount of skill, used to rap cleverly about his emotional backstory, and his hard-worked life. He is not one to messed with, and is goddamn sexy. He, in my opinion is a genius, even though he failed ninth grade three times before dropping out.

To summarise, Eminem is great role model to anyone wants to be a complete and utter badass. An awesome one too.
Dude 1: Eminem is the shit man, I can't even try to rap his songs.
Dude 2: Yeah man, he is my ultimate idol!
by It feels so empty without me October 3, 2015
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Great guy who hates mumble rappers thats you too migos. But also crazy and staples himself ;).
Eminem destroyed anybody who hates on him.
by life answerer January 8, 2019
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