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west coast beach slang, getting a sick tube ride.
whoa! mario just got barrelled for five seconds on that wave!
by sandspit October 08, 2007

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unemployed adult male that has little more to do in a day other than masturbate.
Alvin is such a spanky dolittle, he's lucky he has rich parents!
by sandspit September 11, 2007

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antagonist in JAKE THE PIMP feature movie.

or, anyone you personally know, that deserves to have a dick in their mouth, and a hairy, sweaty, smelly sack of balls on their chin.
at the club Joe returns from the restroom to find some lame guy hitting hard on his girlfriend.

Joe: hey aren't you that famous asian actor Dillsack Onchin?!

Alvin: I don't know, am I?
by sandspit November 03, 2007

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Sqwamble (verb); sqwamble To make a poor attempt at something.
Alvin sqwambled his chances of getting the girls number by constantly talking about himself. sqwamble
by sandspit June 28, 2007

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online gamer that constantly blames network lag for their poor performance in game-play. they are are totally outed because the host server must wait for that client's packets to report before anyone's coordinates can update...thus, actually giving the lagger the edge.
xXKILL3RKILL3RXx: my network sucks right now...2 kills and 23 deaths, wtf?!?

sandspit: you lag liar! you have 4 green bars, and this room is 50MS ping. maybe you just suck at MWF2!!! so STFU!
by sandspit December 31, 2009

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when someone who has a tune infection regrettably shares it with you, thus infecting you as well.
Alvin: "wow, I've got that horrible Carley Simon song stuck in my head...you know the one that goes; 'you're so vein, i bet you think this song is about you', it's driving me crazy..."

Theresa: "wow...thanks a lot for the tune contamination!"
by sandspit April 11, 2010

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intangible, but ever-present vibe that surrounds someone who's just-not-right, in that way.
Sabrina: "The guy sitting in front of me at the airport looks like he rapes children with fire pokers. Yeah, I am judging this guy and you would too 'cause he is filled with molester aura."
by sandspit December 26, 2009

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