to mess up/ screw up/ not do something correctly.

past tense: stuffed up

"i stuffed up again"
How did you stuff up with your girlfriend now?
by Rachel Z February 1, 2007
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to make stuff up

An activity of the mind anyone can indulge in.
It is the act of simply constructing an entertaining story or otherwise for the amusement of yourself and/or your peers.
It is essentially an elongated White Lie in story mode.

For increased effectiveness the teller is required to have excessive creativity and/or a good imagination

Making stuff up usually serves to occupy the brain of the subject when he/she has nothing better to do with their time and has grown tired of using their creative side and/or imaginative ability to construct a realm where having everlasting hot sex with Eva Longoria, kinky pornstar sex with Priya Rai or even a mixture of both with some other super gorgeous lady, is a possibility, since those things can only happen outside the realm of reality.
Try it.
A: Hey man, how was your weekend?

B: Me n the boyz went out Saturday night to some party, tits n booze everywhere!
Think I took some Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, next thing I knew I woke up outside next to a naked Lara Croft

A: Man, I know when you make stuff up,
so let me rephrase my question:
How was your weekend, REALLY?

B: Damn, well...
by rzhhhh May 6, 2010
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to Blow stuff up.

An activity, taken up primarily by men, as it is a very manly activity.
Usually includes the use of explosives to demolish small walls and buildings.
If one is feeling surprisingly manly, small animals can be blown up also.

Such an activity can only be made more manly through the addition of firearms, most notably an M203.
To increase the level of manliness to over 100% one should attempt to add in the use of Nuclear weaponry and/or other Thermobaric explosives.
Man: Dear, me and the boys are going out. I'll return to make sweet sweet love to you in about 13 hours.
Woman: I can't wait that long! Can't I just come with you? I can call some of my girlfriends
Man: Don't be silly woman! We're going to blow stuff up, it's too manly for you and your "girlfriends"
Woman: We can watch!
Man: You don't want to be watching when we blow up a kitten, a diamond or a cooker! hahahahahaha

Man walks off chuckling at his amusing sexist jab.

Woman *to herself*: Fucking men...
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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An expression said in response to an an unbelievable fact or piece of news.
Did you hear about that burglar who called 911 after breaking through a store window because he was afraid he'd cut himself on the way out? You can't make this stuff up.
by barcos August 11, 2012
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A response used when someone has just told a story that’s so ridiculous, random, and unbelievable that you couldn’t have made that up as a story if you tried-it’s beyond the bounds of human creativity.
Dudebro 1: Dude, you’ll never believe what I just saw today. A guy dressed as Ronald McDonald was getting arrested outside of a Burger King for indecent exposure.

Dudebro 2: No way bro.

Dudebro 1: I swear!! You can’t make this stuff up!
by Nolan287 October 4, 2020
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a fun name for a tampon.
I need to go to the store and buy some stuff em ups!
My stuff em up is heavy and falling out! LOLZ
I need to replace my stuff em up every 2 to 4 hours.
Stuff em ups are not contraceptives!
by dreamlotus June 5, 2007
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Peter went to "get my stuff fixed up in Austin", had 1 shot to drink, and started hanging out with the "cowboys".
by Brokeback Hsu April 11, 2007
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