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Usually a nice guy, who can take care of his girl, nd is obsessed with music and sports. Known to be really good at sex. Has the biggest I dont give a fuck attitude.
girl: hey Alvin, last night was fun ;)
boy: I know.
by getemgotem12 October 26, 2011
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a very sensitive person who is fun to hang around with and is not very talkative and tries to be a thug when he can
hey alvin wanna go to the movies yeah after i go bust a lick
by Nyteria February 23, 2004
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cool, strong, handsome, rich, super smart, has swagg, owns many cars and is asian. ( usually chinese )
Shaniqua : DAYUMMMMMMMM; that boys the sex!
Lillian : i know! i wanna piece of that!

Shaniqua : yeah, he MUST be an alvin.
by StaceyScribblez June 29, 2009
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A Alvin is a lit,cool,athletic person who has a dream of being a football player and also really funny and a fun person to hang around.We known him as a tall brown-eyed and black haired boy
Marie: Who is the funny guy
Jordan:Oh him,that's just Alvin
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by kvngprinceX-_-X November 06, 2017
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A dude with an abnormally huge ego, has got swagg, plays lotta video games, great in bed and knows lyrics to almost every song ;likable by most lesbians! And addicted to social media! Other dudes can't stand him for long
Girl: I miss you alvin

Alvin: Well, i miss me too
Dude, shut up Alvin! We wanna listen to the song not your shit voice man!
by AlvinAlsace April 29, 2016
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Alvin, a name for a nigga who is the shit. With a very large penis.
Damn Alvin is that nigga.
by Wow313 January 08, 2017
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