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insult typically hurled drivers that are somehow elluded by even the most basic rules of the road.
look at that broken fucker in the left lane going 45 with a semi four feet from his rear bumper.
by sandspit August 28, 2007
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intangible, but ever-present vibe that surrounds someone who's just-not-right, in that way.
Sabrina: "The guy sitting in front of me at the airport looks like he rapes children with fire pokers. Yeah, I am judging this guy and you would too 'cause he is filled with molester aura."
by sandspit December 26, 2009
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chavalla noun: little punk kid that dresses and acts like a gangster.
I think someone is gonna cap that chavalla!
by sandspit August 28, 2007
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under the false impression that you are at the pinnacle, untouchable or otherwise impervious to any physical or verbal attack.
Chet's big 'unfuckwithable' tatoo got him beat-up at the local bar, then hassled and arrested by the cops, and finally hazed by the inmates in county jail. He might want to re-think that one.
by sandspit December 29, 2010
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the point at which you must give up all skeptisism, and just accept what goes against all that you think you know.
when odd job, in GOLDFINGER sends a lincoln Continental into the compacter, then places the 5000 or so pound block into the back of a 1964 ranchero, and drives off...well it must had a suspension of disbelief!
by sandspit September 27, 2007
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laggard noun: anyone who takes too long to do anything, especially while driving.
this fucking laggard is just sitting there at the green arrow...WTF?!
by sandspit August 28, 2007
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adjective: weasely by nature. cheap, dishonest.
"I can't beleive Alvin went behind my back, and asked her out! that is the most weasileurant shit ever!"
by sandspit October 3, 2007
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