A maker of trouble is not one who "causes" trouble, but who achieves a level of trouble by being Mischievous, Stunning!, Sensational! and Smart...
Never under estimate the power of a mischievous troublemaker...

They constantly run fingers through their hair. They are sometimes coy...
But yet, they "tell you", "not ask" you about having time for them.
And while cooking in the kitchen and having a playful food fight with you they walk away undressing themselves telling you to clean up the mess if you want to continue with them...
by visually_separated August 25, 2012
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A troublemaker is someone who expresses a view on a forum that differs from those of the Administrator and/or, as is more common, a moderator of a forum. The person deemed to be a troublemaker will usually be 100% correct in their statements, but the moderator will object, making statements that could be classified as being a bigland.

As a result the troublemaker will then be told to go and form their own forum, even though everything they said was both reasonable and correct.
You have been told young Sprog, Virgin were the first company to fit wheels to their trains, and since you have failed to provide empirical evidence to the contrary you are going to be banned from this forum for being a troublemaker. If you wish to go on insisting that companies fitted wheel to trains long before Virgin, you can sod off and make your own forum.
by The Burger Flipper August 1, 2011
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Spike,the troublemaker. Generally considered out to lunch. Known for wildly outlandish behavior. Highly unstable antisocial personality however incredibly sexy.
"That damn TROUBLEMAKER got my daughter pregnant again.", The Farmer Brown said. "That TROUBLEMAKER inpregnated my wife again!", said Pastor Steve to Farmer Brown.
by Spike I. Troublemaker February 18, 2005
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When you pair a shot of tequila with a Guinness.
I drank a few troublemakers last night and woke up this morning with two black eyes and a broken nose.
by Das Effex April 6, 2012
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Had to poop, didn't get it all out?

When you go back 10 mins later to finish the job, you've "got the troublemaker" out.

If you succeed the first time around but had a moment where you thought you wouldn't- but then manage it out in spite. You also then have "gotten the troublemaker."

1)"Hey man where were you?"
2)"had to get the troublemaker" *wink*
1)"dude that's gross"
2) " I didn't think I'd make it in one go"
Dave was late to work today because he had to get the troublemaker.
by Misslexy February 20, 2015
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A follower of Dylan is in trouble aka Dylan Mathews. A beloved YouTuber who used to do commentaries on music on his old channel Dylan will not participate but now only really does movie commentaries.
Hello troublemakers welcome to another movie commentary Monday...
by Deanie_houdini September 3, 2019
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1. When knowingly, and consciously getting into trouble with no regard or care for the potential repercussions.

2. When one said person has one or more warrants for their arrest at one time.
3. If your name is Brittany Rivera.
"That girl is such a troublemaker."
"She reminds me of the troublemaker."
"I'm best friends with a troublemaker."
"Brittany Rivera is the troublemaker."
by Burdman21 July 20, 2013
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