to provide a potential suitor with images of various parts of one's body, usually taken with and emailed by cellphone, in advance of an assignation
Of course he went with her ... she previewed him Tammy's boobs!
by H. H. Buchanan May 5, 2008
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whenever a bitch really wants it, and you slip it in once, pull out and tell the bitch to leave.
ryan colburn wanted a preview.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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I was thinking about fuckin that bitch in her pussy but I gave her a sneak-preview in the butt
by Stormin' April 28, 2003
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When a girl sucks a guys finger, as an example of how it will feel when she gives him a blowjob.
Oh my god man, Suzy gave me a preview, I'm so excited for Friday night now!
by Someguyonurbandictionary6 June 21, 2011
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1. (Communication Arts / Broadcasting) a screening of a film, or series pilot, at an unexpected time to test audience reaction before its release. Not to be confused with sneak peek.
We were invited to a sneak preview at Warner Bros. Studios!
by Jrskow July 16, 2011
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(Verb, Noun, Adj.)
Someone that eats all your popcorn during the previews, saving none for the movie.
Jack: How was the movie?
John: It sucked Jacob preview pirated me so I had no popcorn.
Jack: What a faggot!
by Austin42 February 13, 2009
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when a studio produced feature film gets lambasted in a pre-release preview, then is released as a completely different movie.
'wow, i saw that movie a year ago under a different name, and it was a thriller...not a comedy, that's preview fraud!'
by sandspit November 25, 2009
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