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1. A girl who has reached sexually maturity, when a girl blossoms into a woman.
2. Sexually mature and attractive, used of young women.
I went to the nearby college to check out some nubiles.
by Rawr_net May 09, 2005
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a fine, young woman. usually a late teenie who all the guys wanna jump on coz they got the fresh puss.
"damn i got me a nubile last night. coem over damnit and we'll give her breakfast."
by +Fizza+ August 31, 2005
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1) A trashtalking term online for Newb.

2) A more deafening(stronger) meaning of Noob OR Newb.

3) A noob in denial.

4) A young girl(under the age of 19).
Jman-x17 is a nubile.
Michelle are you a nubile?
by Dr.Meatspin March 28, 2009
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A person who has developed from being a nub, to a more noobafied person. Or Uber nub, ultra nub etc.
101 l1ek i pwn3d teh nubile
by OMFG_STFU_GTFO April 24, 2007
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