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1) A condition resulting in tweeting frequent, short bursts of the most minute daily activities. 2) The collection of tweets from a group of people about the same event, resulting in highly repetitive clumps of observations.
1) Oh, I had to unfollow her, she had a bad case of twitterhea flooding my iPhone.

2) since I wont physically be at #railsconf this year, i'll attend virtually by lurking in the irc channel and consuming the twitterhea all day.
by roll here eggo April 24, 2009
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A female who walks around wearing a jacket or sweater around their waist, ruining the visual inspection and categorization of their assets. This has the common reaction of disappointment and side-to-side head shaking among the booty lovers.

Large amounts of cleavage can mitigate the mental anguish of this condition. Although it is usually an aesthetic crime to asswrap, there are individuals that are allowed, or even required, to be asswrappers.

Some consider asswrappers bad luck and try to make sure they don't cross their path.
Joe: Hey, John, 3 o'clock.
John: Oh man, it's just an asswrapper!

Jake: I was having a great day and then I saw 3 asswrappers in a row.

Jules: Asswrappers at the beach? Are you kidding me?!
by Roll Here Eggo April 28, 2009
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A female with lovely hair, a beautiful face, captivating eyes, but a body you wouldn't touch with a 10.5 foot pole. The opposite of butterface.
Maria's a total justerface, but her sister's a butterface. If you could only combine the good parts of them, that would be perfection.

You know that red head at the bank? I thought she was all that, but it turns out she's a justerface.
by Roll Here Eggo March 23, 2009
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Like TWSS, is used to make innuendo out of someone's comment. Can be used more broadly than TWSS, since it doesn't have to apply to the bedroom. Can also be said as, "don't type that into google".
You: Hand me that three-way light bulb.
Me: Not typing that into google.
(Laughter ensues)

You: That was a real shocker you gave me!
Me: Not typing that into google.
(Confused look by You)

You: Can you two pour the girls a cup?
Me: Don't type that into google.
(Disgusted look by You)
by Roll Here Eggo May 26, 2009
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Something to say when you see a gorgeous woman pushing a baby stroller or carrying a child. It's considered a subtle way of pointing out a hottie in the vicinity.

Opposite of I can't see how that happened.
First example:
Guy #1: Look at that MILF over there!
Guy #2: I can see how that happened.

Second example:
Guy #1: Blah blah blah blah blah.
Guy #2: (nods in a direction) I can see how that happened.
Guy #1: Oh yeah, totally.
by Roll Here Eggo July 10, 2009
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1. An audible indication from a woman that the sexual advances of an older man are not welcomed.
2. The howl of a woman that is experiencing the full, sustained benefits of Viagra.
For 1: What's with that Viagroan? We always get busy on Wednesday night.
For 2: Neighbors are upset at all the Viagroaning at 8pm.
by Roll Here Eggo September 17, 2008
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To remove a program from a computer, usually with the hopes that the computer will performs actions that it once did, or achieve past perceived performance.
Kid: Daddy, can we play Koo Koo Co Co Pops on your computer?
Dad: Um, since I installed Boring Work App on my computer your game doesn't work.
Kid: Can't you just outstall it?
by Roll Here Eggo March 23, 2009
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