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A female who walks around wearing a jacket or sweater around their waist, ruining the visual inspection and categorization of their assets. This has the common reaction of disappointment and side-to-side head shaking among the booty lovers.

Large amounts of cleavage can mitigate the mental anguish of this condition. Although it is usually an aesthetic crime to asswrap, there are individuals that are allowed, or even required, to be asswrappers.

Some consider asswrappers bad luck and try to make sure they don't cross their path.
Joe: Hey, John, 3 o'clock.
John: Oh man, it's just an asswrapper!

Jake: I was having a great day and then I saw 3 asswrappers in a row.

Jules: Asswrappers at the beach? Are you kidding me?!
by Roll Here Eggo April 28, 2009
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A short, tight skirt that covers a girls ass like saran wrap.
John: Did you see that shit?

Coach P: Damn...she has that "ass wrapper" on so tight I might need help getting that shit off.
by Coach P July 12, 2006
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