The time people say when they were want to say they won't come and probably never will
Shopna: hey Dan can you come to my house today?
Dan: yeah I'll come at 3 o'clock
Zakaria: he's not gonna çome right?
Dan and Shopna: yep
by DatBlackThing November 27, 2018
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To be "3 o'clock" means to be cool, awesome, off the hook/hizzy.
Friend 1: "Dude!! Check out what I landed! RISER SEATS TO THE UNC-DUKE GAME! How rad is that?!"

Friend 2: "DUUUUUUDE!!! That's is SO 3 o'clock!!

time school 3 clock o'clock sports three rad awesome
by wordmasta1991 January 20, 2012
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A female who normally would never be considered a suitable partner due to her general appearance or demeanour, but at the end of a night of unsucessful lady-hunting, suddenly becomes more appealing as a last resort at 3am.
"Did you see the ugly girl Dave went home with on saturday night?"
"Urgh yes, total 3 o'clock Princess"

"Those girls are hot, lets go over and talk to them"
"No way, that girls hot, but her friend's a 3 o'clock Princess, it's too early in the night to take that grenade.
by GaGaOhLaLa March 26, 2010
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the sensation that happens after eating carbs for lunch
I need chocolate...I've got the 3 o'clock flop
by _Belle_ January 21, 2016
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A very paranoid man that leaves his friends house very late and tells his mother everything. His name is referred as an "Erik".
Friends talking about weed, alcohol, and the friends mom hearing everything meant that The 3 o'clock man needed to get the fuck out of the house because he was paranoid as fuck.
by Brian Knigger January 10, 2009
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That magical time in the afternoon when you are jonesing for some munchies before your blood sugar drops.
Steve: Hey wat up with Ryan?

Dan: He is about to 3 o'clock drop , get the fool some Doritos STAT.
by Sir Devitt III January 11, 2017
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The ugliest girl(s) left in the bar about an hour before it closes.
I was feeling horny, so I stopped by the bar to pick up a 3 O'Clock throw back.
What the fuck was Koziol thinking, that bitch is a 3 O'Clock throw back I wouldn't fuck her with Smitty's dick, a 10 foot pole and Heig pushing!!
by Adam DeVore March 20, 2006
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